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  • Hyderabad: with an end goal to get rid of manual rummaging, Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) is presenting 75 smaller than expected flying machines in the city. This separated, endeavors are being made to acquaint progressed water driven grabbers with gather the waste from pipelines. Dissimilar to, the ordinary flying machines, the smaller than expected machines come convenient in clearing gagged sewer lines in the paths and by paths. Outfitted with 120 meters pipes, the smaller than expected flying machines can likewise move into thin paths to clear sewer lines.    At present, the HMWSSB is utilizing 57 airtech machines with 8,000 to 10,000 limit. Be that as it may, these overwhelming machines can't without much of a stretch enter the tight paths of the city. While, cleaning of colossal sewer lines is being dealt with by the traditional streaming machines, manual searching is being done to clear the 200 and 300 mm distance across pipelines. There were episodes where specialists lost their lives because of suffocation. To address such issues, the HMWSSB Managing Director M Dana Kishore took the choice of presenting 75 scaled down flying machines. As of now, 30 machines have been secured and the rest are required to arrive right away.    The Water Board spends around Rs 3.5 crore consistently towards operation of these machines. Prior to the onset of blustery season, these little machines will be provided in every division, he said. Trial run will be directed in BJR Nagar at Khairthabad on Saturday.
  • Hyderabad: City police on Monday told the accompanying activity limitations and redirections to encourage parades on Hanuman Jayanti in a few sections of city on Tuesday.    Movement originating from Afzalgunj, SJ connect, Shankersher lodging, Mukthiyargunj towards Putlibowli X Road will be redirected at Gowliguda Chaman towards BSNL office path and towards CBS side.    Activity originating from Andhra Bank and Rang Mahal continuing towards Gowliguda Chaman side won't be permitted and they will be redirected at Putlibowli X Roads towards Rangh mahal side.    At the point when parade begins from Ram Mandir, activity continuing from Chaderghat X Road towards Putlibowli X Road will be occupied at Rang Mahal "Y" intersection towards CBS side.    At the point when parade passes the Putlibowli X Road towards Andhra Bank, the activity originating from GPO will be occupied towards MJ Market at GPO Abids intersection in the cutoff points of Traffic PS Abids .    At the point when the parade comes to Andhra Bank intersection Koti, the movement continuing from Chaderghat X street towards Andhra Bank side will be redirected at DM and HS intersection towards Sultan Bazar X street side.    At the point when parade comes to Kachiguda X Road, the movement continuing from Kachiguda Railway station will be occupied towards Badichowdi at Tourist Hotel intersection towards Barkatpura in the cutoff points of Traffic PS Kachiguda.    Movement originating from Azamabad will be occupied towards Crown Café at VST X Road.    Movement originating from Musheerabad X street will be occupied towards Ramnagar T-Junction at Metro Cafe.    Movement originating from Himayatngar Y Junction towards Narayanguda X street will be occupied straight on Narayanguda flyover. No activity will be permitted towards Narayanguda X street.    Movement originating from Crown Cafe towards Narayanguda X street will be occupied straight on Narayanguda flyover. No activity will be permitted under the Narayanguda flyover towards Himayathnagar Y Junction.    Movement Coming from King koti and Old MsLA Qtrs won't be permitted towards YMCA Circle and will be redirected at Cemetery towards Eden Gardens.    Movement originating from Barkatpura Chaman won't be permitted towards YMCA Circle and will be redirected at Old Post Office X Road towards Crown Cafe and Kachiguda X street.    Movement won't be permitted on the parade principle street i.e., from Kawadiguda x street to Praga Tools T Junction.    Movement Coming from Karbala Maidan won't be permitted towards Kawadiguda X Roads and will be redirected towards Childrens Park at Sailing Club T Junction.    Movement originating from Lower Tankbund (from Kattamaisamma sanctuary) will be occupied towards Upper Tankbund at DBR Mills.    Movement originating from Musheerabad x street won't be permitted towards Kawadiguda and will be occupied towards Gandhinagar at Praga Tools T Junction.    At the point when the Main parade enters RP Road, the movement originating from Karbala Maidan towards RP Road will be redirected at Karbala maidan X street towards M.G. street Ranigunj side.    Movement won't be permitted towards Advaiah X Roads.    RTC Busses originating from Tankbund towards Bible House will be occupied at Karbala Maidan towards Ranigunj and Ministers Road.    Movement originating from Tivoli X Roads towards Balamrai will be occupied at NCC X Roads, Narne Estate.    Movement originating from CTO X Road towards Balamrai will be occupied at Lee Royal Palace towards Brooke Bond x street –Imperial Garden and Mastan Café.    Movement originating from NCC X Roads towards Diamond Point will be occupied at Narne Estate Point towards Karkhana Basthi.    Activity originating from Bapuji Nagar towards Tadban will be redirected at Center Point towards Diamond Point – Karkhana.    Activity originating from Medchal towards Secunderabad will be redirected at Safe Express towards - Bapuji Nagar - Bowenpally Market.    Activity originating from Balnagar towards Secunderabad will be redirected at Bowenpally X Roads towards Safe Express - Bapuji Nagar - Bowenpally Market.    You are encouraged to take elective courses to your goals and stay away from the above courses amid the predefined timings for your own particular comfort.
  • HYDERABAD: Uttar Pradesh boss pastor Yogi Adityanath's 'Against Romeo Squad' is a thought obtained from 'SHE Teams' propelled by the Telangana government, said city organization serve K T Rama Rao.    "We have presented 'SHE Teams' and Yogi's 'Against Romeo Squad' in UP depends on what we are doing here," KTR said at a TRS open meeting that started a little before twelve at Armoor in Nizamabad locale on Thursday. In spite of the searing temperature, an expansive group turned up for the meeting.    With the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) engaging thoughts of coming to control in the state, KTR likewise looked to remind everybody that the homestead credit waiver being actualized by Yogi in UP, was effectively done in Telangana.    "Yogi needs '36,000 crore for homestead advance waiver. We have demonstrated it should be possible by postponing '17,000 crore for 36 lakh agriculturists," he said.    Know the genuine significance of repulsiveness with Lights Out    Amazon Prime Video    This Unusual Seeds Will Help You Lose 30 Kg In 2 Months!    The Fit Indian Blog    Suggested By Colombia    The TRS open meeting, 'Janahitha Pragathi Sabha', was gone to by the gathering's open agents from all levels in the locale. From the way procedures were con ducted, it wound up plainly evident that KTR was the second most vital pioneer in the gathering, after his dad and boss priest K Chandrasekhar Rao. A 150-auto procession drove him into the town. Senior pioneer and Rajya Sabha MP D Srinivas "favored" KTR. "He is the most dynamic pastor in the bureau. As a senior I favor him," Srinivas said.    It might be reviewed that Srinivas was Pradesh Congress Committee president when the Congress had been in po wer in the vicinity of 2004 and 2009 in the unified Andhra Pradesh. Along these lines, KCR charmed him into TRS and guaranteed his decision to the Rajya Sabha. As Srinivas spoke, KTR ascended from his seat to acknowledge the endowments.    Beat Comment    credit waiver done in telangana? go and ask poor agriculturists    Abrakadabbraa bk    SEE ALL COMMENTSADD COMMENT    It was a tremendously built up visit of KTR to Armoor, the third in the arrangement of gatherings that he has tended to as of late - one in Tandur and another in Kollapur.    Because of the demand made by TRS Armoor MLA A Jeevan Reddy and Nizamabad MP Kavitha, the clergyman reported `350 crore budgetary help for giving enhancements in every one of the districts in the Nizamabad parliamentary voting public. "Prior to the bifurcation, Congress boss clergyman Kiran Kumar Reddy said Naxalites would assume control if a different state were to be framed. He wasn't right," KTR said. He affirmed that the TRS had given a steady government since it came to control.
  • Hyderabad: The three-day Monsoon session of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly finished unexpectedly today after the resistance YSR Congress individuals made ruckus as they attempted to remove mikes and harm cameras over the uncommon class status issue.    The House passed a determination alluding the uncontrollable demonstrations of the YSRC administrators over the most recent three days to the Privilege Committee for "fundamental activity".    Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao then suspended the House sine kick the bucket as it couldn't take up any recorded business in light of the mayhem brought on by the Opposition over the exceptional status issue.    The greater part twelve YSRC lawmakers climbed the Legislature Secretary's table before the Speaker's platform and tossed papers at the Speaker.    For the second day consecutively, the YSRC individuals went into a fight with the House marshals and attempted to remove mikes and harm the cameras recording the procedures.    At the point when the House was initially suspended quickly for 10 minutes around 9.20 AM, the media point on the Assembly premises turned into a virtual battleground with the TDP and the YSRC MLAs approaching blows.    The Opposition officials proceeded with their dissents inside the House when it continued.    Therefore, five Bills that should be examined and cleared, couldn't be taken up.    The Chief Minister was to create an impression in the House on the extraordinary budgetary bundle reported by the Center while the Deputy Chief Minister (Home) was to make articulation on the common occasional conditions in the state. That too did not occur as the Speaker dismissed the House sine kick the bucket.    Recently additionally, the state Assembly suddenly finished without executing any business after two deferments neglected to reestablish arrange in the House.
  • Hyderabad: The loss of life in Hyderabad building breakdown has ascended to six on Friday, as per most recent media report.    Prior, four individuals had surrendered to their wounds when an under development multi-story building crumpled in Nanakramguda region of Hyderabad late on Thursday, authorities said.    The bodies were recuperated on Friday morning.    A blamed has been captured regarding the building breakdown. Police is searching for another charged who is slipping away.    As indicated by reports, ten to twelve individuals are being dreaded caught, Deputy Mayor Baba Fasiuddin told media.    A lady and her three-year-old child from Chhattisgarh were hauled out alive from the flotsam and jetsam and moved to a clinic. Her significant other is as yet lost.    The legislature has suspended an appointee magistrate of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corp (GHMC) and a right hand town arranging officer over failures.    National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) groups alongside police and putting out fires staff were partaking in the save work. The workers from Vijayanagaram area in Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh were snoozing when the building fallen.
  • Hyderabad: Posing as CBI authorities, four unidentified people plundered 45 kg gold from Muthoot Finance in Hyderabad on Wednesday, the city police said.    The rascals got away with gold trimmings esteemed at about Rs 12 crore subsequent to debilitating the staff with weapons at the Ramachandrapuram office of the organization on the edges here.    As per the police, four people came to Muthoot Finance branch in the morning and told the staff that they were CBI authorities and needed to check records and gold in the lockers.    At the point when the workers said they were not in a position to demonstrate the lockers without authorization from top authorities, the unidentified men debilitated activity against the staff for ignoring requests of CBI authorities.    At the point when the lockers were opened, the gatecrashers began gathering the brilliant decorations in their packs. As the representatives raised protest, one of the men whipped out a weapon, undermined the workers and secured them a restroom.    The criminals additionally took away the hard plate of CCTV cameras with them.    The police have propelled a gigantic chase for the looters, who got away in an auto.    Cyberabad Police Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya said five groups have been framed to find the guilty parties.    The policemen were seeking vehicles along Hyderabad-Mumbai expressway from Ramachandrapuram to Zaheerabad town in Sangareddy locale.
  • Hyderabad: The celebrated 'Hyderabadi Biryani' has neglected to secure a GI (Geographical Indications) tag after its candidate couldn't demonstrate the verifiable birthplace and information identifying with this luscious dish, with supporting records, as indicated by the GI registry in Chennai.    The Deccani Biryani Makers Association here had connected for the GI tag through its Secretary Zubai Ahmed in 2009.    The mythical rice delicacy, which gets its name from this pearl city, has been a piece of the Hyderabadi cooking for about 400 years.    Originating from the kitchen of the Nizams, it is adored world over by nourishment epicureans for its unmistakable flavors, taste and fragrance.    The application (of Deccani Biryani Makers Association) for enlistment of 'Hyderabadi Biryani' in Geographical Indications is dealt with as deserted "for need of arraignment", as they (candidate) have neglected to demonstrate the chronicled information and inception of the item with supporting records, the authorities at the GI registry in Chennai, held in its request issued on January 27 this year.    It was on April 28, 2009, that the Association, had recorded an application before the Assistant Registrar of Geographical Indications, Geographical Indications Registry in Chennai for enrollment of 'Hyderabadi Briyani'.    From the records accessible with the GI registry it found that there is a default in indictment of the application inside the time stipulated by the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act 1999.    Thus, a show cause hearing was settled at last on January 23, 2017 conceding a chance to the candidate to demonstrate the points of interest in the application.    Chinnaraja G Naidu, Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks and Geographical Indications Registry, said the registry had issued examination reports thrice in the course of recent years, with a bearing to the candidate to create the narrative confirmation as for the verifiable information from the Gazetteer and verification of starting point of the item (Biryani).    "There was no answer from the candidate concerning the examination reports. The candidate neglected to turn up on the date of (numerous) hearings and there was no portrayal on the date of (these) hearings," Naidu told PTI over telephone.    "The candidate neglected to demonstrate the authentic source of the item with supporting reports and neglected to make utilization of the open doors gave amid the show make hearing demonstrate the chronicled root," the request said.
  • Hyderabad: Welcoming the Supreme Court's intercession offer to settle the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid debate, a senior Telangana RSS functionary today said time is presently "ready" to build sanctuary of Lord Ram.    Telangana RSS General Secretary E Chandrashekhar said settling the question and developing the sanctuary will "unquestionably help in country working bigly."    The Supreme Court on Tuesday proposed an out-of-court settlement of the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi question, saying a genial settlement of the putrefying issue was a superior course than on demanding legal declaration.    Respecting the pinnacle court's proposal, Chandrashekhar told journalists that "We wish that Ram Mandir ought to be fabricated this time.    We feel accord can be certainly based on this. There is a recognizable change in their (Muslim people group) stand that a sanctuary ought to be inherent respect of Lord Ram by regarding the slants of larger part group."    He said some arrangement ought to be found according to Constitution and the Ayodhya issue ought not be permitted to be deferred promote.    "In the event that we settle this issue at this moment and construct a Ram sanctuary there, it will help in country working bigly and numerous things will be dealt with in this country. What's more, at this moment the time is ready. Crosswise over Ayodhya itself, Muslims pioneers have likewise upheld for Ram Mandir," he included.    Clarifying the Sangh's remain on the issue, he said that other than the out-of-court settlement, RSS will likewise bolster any arrangement inside court (a lawful decision) or additionally enactment.    "Give us a chance to attempt to illuminate this issue. It can be dealt with. On the off chance that it is through outside court we are ok...Through Supreme Court we are alright or generally through enactment likewise it can happen and that is the duty of the legislature to determine the issue in the way," the RSS pioneer said.
  • The CCTV footage came in handy for the Vemulawada temple town police to crack kidnap case of an infant boy within 15 hours after his abduction which created sensation in the temple shrine on Monday.   Police sources said that Yadagiri and Uma, parents of 11-month old infant Varala Varun Tej, along with their relatives from Chintapalli mandal in Nalgonda district, visited the temple shrine on Sunday night to offer hair tonsuring of the infant.   As it was midnight, they slept on the temple premises and fell fast asleep. At around 1.45 a.m. on Monday morning, the kidnappers abducted the infant and disappeared in a car. At around 4 a.m., the parents woke up and found the infant missing. They immediately informed the police, who rushed to the spot and started inquiring.   The police officials immediately tracked the CCTV footage which showed a person getting into a car along with the child. They traced the car number and after collecting the details of the vehicle formed three teams and traced its movement to Mancherial district.   The police rescued the infant from the clutches of abductors in Laxmikanthapalli village of Mancherial district on Monday evening and handed over the child to the parents. They also arrested Naresh, Ranjith, Bhavani and Jadi Pochavva.   The police said that the Jadi Pochavva did not have children and had approached Bhavani to help her to secure a child and promised to pay her money.   Bhavani took the help of her brother Naresh and others and abducted the infant from the Vemulawada temple shrine where there would be huge surge of pilgrims on Mondays.
  • Rao had organized a sit-in alongside other gathering pioneers close Rajiv Gandhi statue in Somajiguda here. As police moved him in a vehicle, Rao and others were seen raising trademarks 'Spare Democracy' and censuring the "oppression" of police.    Rao had contended with a police official in the Telangana State Assembly premises on Thursday when he was not permitted to continue towards media point.    A video in which Rao is seen yelling at the police official began making rounds via web-based networking media yesterday.    The Congress pioneer is seen yelling at P Sudhakar, an extra examiner of police appended to Kamatipura Station, who was on obligation at the Assembly.    The video demonstrates the reviewer attempting to stop Rao by illuminating him that he had guidelines from his seniors not to permit any previous MLA, MLC or MPs to the media point.    "Why should you stop me? You have no privilege to stop. I am AICC secretary. This is not fascism. Tell your CM (Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao), I can go and sit before his home," Rao is seen saying in the video.
  • Hyderabad: With more than 15 lakh lorries and trucks going off the streets for seven days now, the supply of vegetables and other fundamental products to city markets has been definitely influenced on Wednesday.    The affiliation reported that the strike will be heightened and extended to everywhere throughout the nation from Friday.    As indicated by authority sources, just a large portion of the amount of normal supply of vegetables were transported to city's discount markets. The truckers have been on an uncertain strike since March 30 requesting that the Center and the state governments ought to lessen the outsider protection costs; cut challan and toll expenses, and other Regional Transport Authority (RTA) charges. The Association is likewise requesting a solitary allow framework for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.    The South India Motor Transport Association (SIMTA) which is organizing the strike initially exempted vegetables and other basic products from the strike now chose to stop them as a few rounds of chats with the administration fizzled. SIMTA part and Telangana Lorry Owners Association secretary G. Durga Prasad said vegetables, drain, gas chambers and other basic products too wll be ceased from Thursday.    One of requests by the Association incorporate move back of climb in VAT on diesel and to pull back the proposition to scrap 15-year old vehicles.    The strike which is kept to southern conditions of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala will be extended to all over India from April 8, SIMTA said.